Seventh Star Studios Announces Katie Stewart for Role of Gudrun in Rayden Valkyrie TV Pilot!

Seventh Star Studios is proud to announce Katie Stewart as the warrior Gudrun in the TV Pilot Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart!

Katie will portray Gudrun, a deadly warrior from distant northern lands whose adventures with several companions took them far south, where they became part of a mercenary company led by the heroine Rayden Valkyrie. Their hunt of a band of brigand slavers who have taken a number of captives takes the group on a perilous journey; one that will need Gudrun’s lethal skills and stealth just to survive.

The world Gudrun inhabits is featured in Stephen Zimmer’s sword and sorcery novel Heart of a Lion. The story in the TV pilot is not an adaptation of the novel, but rather an original storyline envisioned to be the foundation for a series of episodes filled with the adventures of Rayden’s war band.

“Katie is an exceptional talent,” Director/Screenwriter Stephen Zimmer said. “She has the kind of range where she can deliver strong performances in all kinds of roles, ranging from dramas, to thrillers, to various genres like science fiction and fantasy. With her toughness, and ability to carry out fight scenes and stunts, she is an ideal fit for Gudrun. I’m elated to have her in our main cast!”

Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart is scheduled for production late spring on locations in Kentucky and represents the first visual media project for Seventh Star Studios, a division of Seventh Star Press, a publisher of speculative fiction based out of Lexington, Kentucky.

About Katie: Katie Stewart is an award-winning actress based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Known for her ability to deliver strong dramatic performances, action sequences, and stunts, Katie’s credits include a range of feature films, short films, and commercial work. She appeared as a hostess on the SyFy Channel’s Spooked TV. Her film credits include Revelation Trail, Intrusion, Overtime, The Wicked One, Thanatophobia, Strenuous, Loss Prevention, Hazard, and many more.

Katie is a popular guest at major conventions such as FandomFest, ScareFest, Fright Night, and a number of others. She has also undergone weapons and fight training with a number of trained individuals, and most recently has been studying under fight choreographer/stunt man Dale Miller. Katie is currently represented by the Helen Wells Agency.

When she is not on set, Katie enjoys riding horses, the outdoors, animals, and spending time with her two beautiful daughters, family and amazing friends!

To follow Katie online, use the following links:
Twitter: @katiestewart153
Instagram: @katiestewart513


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