Dale Miller as Kjarten

Dale Miller as Kjarten

About the character, Kjarten: Kjarten is a warrior of the north whose travels with companions Hallad and Gudrun have taken him far south, where he finds himself a member of a mercenary band led by the renowned heroine Rayden Valkyrie. Kjarten is a deadly fighter, but his sense of humor and love of fun endear him to his comrades. When the mercenary band hunts down a band of slavers who have taken a number of captives, Kjarten begins a journey that will test him like no other he has been on before.

About Dale Miller: Award-winning actor, fight choreographer, and stunt coordinator Dale Miller’s numerous professional credits include a wide variety of productions, ranging from feature films, to short films, and television series. Dale has the uncommon kind of talent capable of delivering strong character performances in a variety of genres, such as comedy, dramas, action/adventure, horror, science fiction/fantasy, or historical period pieces.

With an extensive martial arts background that involves a hall of fame induction, Dale has also become increasingly known for his stunt and fight choreography abilities. Dale’s training experience includes highly-acclaimed instruction environments like the prestigious Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio in Los Angeles, California. He has also trained with sword master Tim Weske, and has worked or trained with Hollywood stunt legends such as Michael Long, Glen Foster, Ian Quinn, Bob Fisher, Casey Hendershot, and many others. His focus on realistic action sequences conducted with attention to safety has led to increasing calls for his participation in action-driven projects.

A popular guest at fandom events and conventions, Dale enjoys meeting others in the industry and interacting with the public.

In addition to his acting, fight choreography, and stunt work, Dale runs several businesses, and has a degree in Business from Indiana Wesleyan University. He is based out of Louisville, Kentucky.

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Twitter: @daleraymiller
IG: @daleraymiller

Comments from Director/Screenwriter Stephen Zimmer: “Dale is a multi-faceted talent, and he is a big asset to any project he is involved in. An actor capable of roles in a variety of genres, who is also able to perform at a high level in stunts and fight choreography, Dale is a great fit for the role of the warrior Kjarten, a character who has both lighthearted and intensive qualities. I am so glad to have Dale in our main ensemble and am confident that he will be fantastic on screen in our project!”