Erik Kyr as Ingvar

Erik Kyr as Ingvar

About the character, Ingvar: Ingvar is a warrior out of the far north, who has taken a mercenary path that eventually leads to him joining a war band led by the heroine Rayden Valkyrie. A tough warrior who has survived many lethal threats, Ingvar will face his deadliest foes yet when Rayden’s group pursues a number of brigands into an ancient forest.

About Erik Kyr: Erik Kyr is an actor, screen writer, musician, song writer and composer from Louisville, Ky. Erik started on stage in his youth with full productions in high school. After high school he continued in faith based and community productions. He started in film in 2015 with 4 full features and 3 short films to date. Relentless hard work and dedication are key factors in his approach to every project.

Erik has played in many types of bands. Starting at the age of 11 where he began learning music. Erik is an award winning composer with multiple recordings within his musical career.

To follow Erik online, use the following links:
Twitter: @ErikKyr
Instagram: @erik.kyr

Comments from Director/Screenwriter Stephen Zimmer: “Erik is a great talent. With good physicality and a strong grasp of character, Erik can fit any number of roles very well, and he is perfectly suited for the character Ingvar. He is also very understanding of the production process and supportive of others, which is exactly the kind of person you want on a set. I am really looking forward to working with Erik!”