Marita Tathariel Svensson as Liana

Marita Tathariel Svensson as Liana

About the character, Liana: Liana is a powerful witch dwelling in an ancient forest that Rayden Valkyrie’s war band enters while pursuing brigands attempting to get away with a pair of female captives. Along with her sister Gavrila, Liana is a deadly adversary for even the greatest of warriors.

About Marita Tathariel Svensson: Marita Tathariel Svensson started her acting debut at the age of nine doing theater productions in Norway. Since then she has appeared in several plays and was given a part as Naviana in the TV pilot ‘Rangers: A Shadow Rising’ in 2014.

She is now excited to be performing in the role of Liana, in the Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart TV Pilot.

Marita has worked as a TV host for TV-Norge. She currently enjoys a carrier as an alternative model and has been featured on the cover of several magazines such as Fae Magazine and Visjon.

She is actively persuing her main career as a Special Effects Make-Up Artist, and has amongst other productions been a part of the Art Department in the TV series ‘Ren’. Marita has achieved the level of Mastery in sculpting through a course held by the Stan Winston School Of Character Arts, and has attended several workshops with Soda FX.

She has worked with Don Lanning, Ron Newcomb, Kate Madison, Ian Hencher, John Wells, Sól Geirsdóttir and many more. Marita is immensely thankful for have loving friends and family who appreciate and support her artistic and eccentric side.

She is also an accomplished pianist, marital artist and enjoys studying foreign languages and history. She supports numerous charitable organizations dedicated to improving the welfare of animals and nature. Marita strongly believes in following her dreams, and is highly focused on her creative pursuits and artistic growth.

Follow Marita online at the following links:
IG: @tathariel
Twitter: @Tathariel

Comments from Director/Screenwriter Stephen Zimmer: “Marita is a wonderful addition to our cast and production team.  To say she is multi-talented is an understatement. She is a wonderful actress who has a powerful presence on camera. Her skills in art, sculpting and makeup are all exceptional. Further, she loves the fantasy genre and has a deep understanding of it that will reflect in her performance and work on the project. I’m absolutely thrilled to have her with us for the adventure!”