Megan O’Mooney as Astrid

Megan O’Mooney as Astrid

About the character, Astrid: Astrid is a village woman with a young daughter who are both swept up in a raid by brigands who intend to sell their captives into slave markets. When a mercenary group led by the heroine Rayden Valkyrie hunts down the brigands, Astrid finds herself on a journey she never imagined; one that will challenge her to discover the strength and courage inside her.

About Megan O’Mooney: Megan O’Mooney is a film actress and model.

A Kentucky native, Megan is a dynamic & passionate individual with great potential to be highly successful as an actress. She signed with her first agency at a young age, where she learned the fundamentals of acting & modeling. Megan soon developed a love of acting and began working in theater, where she was recognized with the award for Best New Actress. As she grew as an individual, Miss Mooney also grew as an actress, cultivating her talents through continued training. She has since gained experience working as both lead and supporting roles in feature films.

In addition to acting, Megan has training and experience in dance and singing/songwriting.

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Instagram: @Mooneydarling

Comments from Director/Screenwriter Stephen Zimmer: “Megan is an actress to keep an eye on. She is very talented, and is driven to hone her craft at every turn. She has a tremendous work ethic and responds wonderfully to direction. I am really looking forward to working with her on this project, and am so glad she is a member of this wonderful primary cast.”