Nathan Day as Markos

Nathan Day as Markos

About the character, Markos: Markos is a warrior from a land brimming with myth and legend whose travels far and wide has brought him into the mercenary band led by the heroine Rayden Valkyrie. Though well-liked by comrades and honorable, Markos is a lethal adversary to those who come against him. When the mercenaries hunt down a group of slavers who have taken a number of captives in a raid, he embarks on a journey that will test the limits of his strength and courage.

About Nathan Day: Nathan has appeared in over 40 film and television productions including Murder By Numbers, Stash, The Devil’s A Lie, Ruination, The Legacy, Shadows Light and many more as an actor. He is just as comfortable in the producer’s and director’s chairs, such as in Bulletsong, which he also wrote. Cast most often for his diverse, immersive and often very physical acting style, Nathan dives deep in his characters’ history and mentality to add depth from beyond the page. He enjoys taking on new and challenging roles that insist he step away from his typically introverted persona, especially as part of an ensemble cast such as Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart.

Outside of film and television Nathan is a novelist and blogger. His first published work, Orphan: Surfacing, releases in August of 2017. Nathan is also a singer, songwriter, music producer and composer, having produced in several musical genres as well as film scoring. Nathan enjoys taking in stories from all mediums and is an avid gamer, but mostly fights between his many endeavors to spend more time with his wife and two kids. Nathan is represented by The Gage Talent Agency.

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Comments from Director/Screenwriter Stephen Zimmer: “Nathan is a winner and truly a modern day renaissance man. He is a gifted actor, a great filmmaker in his own right, a very talented writer, an exceptional musician and composer, and one of the best guys you could possibly know. He really gives his all in everything he does, and his time to shine on the world stage is overdue. I would love for this project to be a breakthrough for Nathan and I am honored to have him in my cast.”