Ray Rehberg as Boris

Ray Rehberg as Boris

About the character, Boris: Boris is a nobleman whose family is part of a group that hires mercenaries led by the warrior Rayden Valkyrie to free him and several others taken captive by brigand slavers. His fate depends on the outcome of the battle, when the mercenaries finally catch up with the slavers; though that may only be the start of a larger journey.

About Ray Rehberg: Ray Rehberg is a Chicago-based actor and musician with Big Mouth Talent. Recent credits include Edmund in King Lear and Tybalt in Farewell My Friend, a new interactive adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. He also performs his own original score in touring performances of Chicago Children’s Theatre’s A Snowy Day with Beatrix Potter and Friends. Born and raised in Swarthmore, PA, Ray graduated from Northwestern University and has worked or trained with Heidi Stillman, Frank Maugeri, Sean Bradley, and Mary Poole, among others. He is launching a new home on the web in 2017 at rayrehberg.com, and on social media – @heyrayreh. He is grateful for the opportunity to help bring this world to life!

In his spare time, Ray enjoys wrenching on project cars and motorcycles (and driving them on the rare occasions when they’re functional), snowboarding, and other dangerous activities that scare his mom. He hosts bar trivia, makes guest appearances on sports podcasts and video game livestreams, and generally does anything that makes people listen to him ramble on about something. Upcoming projects include the release of his short adventure documentary, The $1000 Route 66 Challenge, where Ray and rally driver Chris Nonack buy a 1977 Ford Maverick on craigslist in Los Angeles and try to make it back to Chicago via Historic Route 66.

Follow Ray online at the following links:
Website: www.rayrehberg.com
Twitter: @heyrayreh
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeyRayReh

Comments from Director/Screenwriter Stephen Zimmer: “Ray is definitely an actor to keep an eye on. He’s got great range and energy. He is the caliber of talent that a director strongly looks forward to working with. He really embraced the part of Boris from his first audition, and I know that he will deliver a great performance onscreen. I am very excited that Ray is a member of our cast!”