2nd Teaser Trailer for Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart Released!

We are proud to present the 2nd Teaser Trailer for Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart, following its debut in an exclusive screening this past weekend for attendees at Imaginarium 2017. We hope you enjoy the new trailer!

Production Wraps On Schedule, Post-Production Phase Begins!

Production on the Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart TV Pilot wrapped on schedule June 18th, 2017.  Post-Production has already begun and we are looking forward to showing the first teaser trailer and footage from the production in the very near future!

Sol Geirsdottir as Rayden Valkyrie (photo by Silvio Wolf Busch)
Brock O’Hurn as Ragnar Stormbringer (photo by Silvio Wolf Busch)

Seventh Star Studios Announces Brock O’Hurn for Role of Ragnar Stormbringer in Rayden Valkyrie TV Pilot!

Seventh Star Studios is proud to announce Brock O’Hurn as Ragnar Stormbringer in the TV Pilot Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart!

Brock will portray the legendary northern warrior Ragnar Stormbringer. Wielding a war axe known as “Raven Caller”, Ragnar has traveled many lands in the pursuit of adventure and riches. Having sent many great warriors to their deaths in battle, Ragnar knows few peers; until he meets the heroine Rayden Valkyrie. Joining with her in a mercenary group hired to hunt down a group of brigand slavers, Ragnar’s fearsome skills will be challenged like never before as he undertakes a journey that will be his most difficult yet.

The world Ragnar inhabits is featured in Stephen Zimmer’s sword and sorcery novel Heart of a Lion. The story in the TV pilot is not an adaptation of the novel, but rather an original storyline envisioned to be the foundation for a series of episodes filled with the adventures of Rayden’s war band.

“Brock is the perfect Ragnar Stormbringer,” Director/Screenwriter Stephen Zimmer said. “The Ragnar Stormbringer character requires an extraordinary presence and physicality, and Brock certainly has both. I am elated to have Brock with us on this adventure and look forward to seeing him thrive as Ragnar Stormbringer.”

Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart is scheduled for production late spring on locations in Kentucky and represents the first visual media project for Seventh Star Studios, a division of Seventh Star Press, a publisher of speculative fiction based out of Lexington, Kentucky.

About Brock: It’s hard not to command attention when you’re Brock O’Hurn. With his chiseled,muscular 6’7” frame and long flowing mane, Brock has the looks that would make even a Greek God envious. Perhaps a genetic lottery winner, Brock has decided it’s time to cash in his ticket. The 25-year old Southern Californian wasn’t always the epitome of manliness. By working out, Brock was able to set and achieve self-imposed goals, becoming increasingly passionate about the sport while transforming himself from lanky teen into the man he is now.

While he had transformed on the outside, Brock was still timid on the inside. By joining Instagram, he hoped to conquer his shyness and connect with new and old friends. What started as a few impromptu ‘selfies’ intended for his small number of followers, Brock soon found his photos being liked and shared by people he didn’t know. Photo by photo, Brock soon found himself becoming a notable social media figure.

At the then-peak of his popularity, Brock made a joke-video of him putting his hair into what is known as a ‘manbun’. This 6 second joke skyrocketed Brock to internet fame; the video was seen by over 3 million people within the week and is currently at over 10 million views and counting. The Brock buzz grew exponentially and he found himself being mentioned online in the same sentences as Brad Pitt and other major celebrities. Brock became a conversation piece online, on radio and television including mentions by Elvis Duran, Buzzfeed and The Daily Mail. He was instantly courted for public appearances and endorsements across the globe. Brock became a marketing force, influencing people and brands, working with among others Lokai, LG, Icelandic Glacial Water and many more. Brock O’Hurn, the longhaired muscle man that broke the Internet one iconic selfie at a time, is now ready for the next step in his career. Brock’s rigorous work ethic helped him become the fitness mentor he is today, and he is utilizing that same dedication to take himself to new levels of fame and success.

See Brock on screen in the hit TLC series from Tyler Perry, Too Close to Home.

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