Seventh Star Studios Announces Lyon Beckwith for Role of Cartholo in Rayden Valkyrie TV Pilot!

Seventh Star Studios is proud to announce Lyon Beckwith as Cartholo in the TV Pilot Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart!

Lyon will portray Cartholo, a fearsome warrior from the lands of the Kartagen Empire whose adventures have taken him far distances, to where he eventually joins a mercenary band led by the iconic warrior Rayden Valkyrie.  Their hunt of a group of slavers takes Cartholo on a perilous journey into an ancient forest; one holding dangers far greater than brigands.

The world Cartholo inhabits is featured in Stephen Zimmer’s sword and sorcery novel Heart of a Lion. The story in the TV pilot is not an adaptation of the novel, but rather an original storyline envisioned to be the foundation for a series of episodes filled with the adventures of Rayden’s war band.

“Lyon has a powerful presence on screen,” Director/Screenwriter Stephen Zimmer said.  “But he is far more than just a physical presence.  He is very expressive, outstanding with delivery, and can portray a great range of characters.  He also is the kind of guy you want to have on set, with a great attitude and work ethic.  I am extremely happy to have Lyon in our main cast ensemble.”

Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart is scheduled for production late spring on locations in Kentucky and represents the first visual media project for Seventh Star Studios, a division of Seventh Star Press, a publisher of speculative fiction based out of Lexington, Kentucky.

About Lyon: Lyon Beckwith was born in Baltimore city where he always found himself playing the Hero in real life because he couldn’t stand the thought of people less fortunate or different being picked on. Feeling like he had this responsibility, Lyon thought it was a good idea to get in the gym if he was going to be going up against these bullys. In turn, he became the bully’s bully, not knowing at the time that this new size and look would translate great on the big screen, which has now become his happy space. Lyon often plays the Bad Guy, due to his menacing look, but couldn’t be more opposite in person; but he still adopts the phrase, “Best Bad Guy money can buy.”

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