The #CatsForRayden Gallery

Welcome to the #CatsForRayden Gallery!  

Want your cat to become part of it? It’s easy!

1. Just send us your cats photo as a JPG or PNG file, preferably of a size 2MB or less. You can send to our facebook page in a message at or you can email the file to info (at)

2. give us your cat’s name and a sentence to finish the phrase as reflected in the meme below. “My name is (your cat’s name) and I am for #RaydenValkyrie because___________” Try to keep the phrase shorter so we can be sure to fit it in, so use the meme on this page as an example.

3. Give us your contact email and name so we can send you a copy of the meme graphic with your cat, and touch bases with you if needed.

That’s it! Your cat will have a custom #RaydenValkyrie meme and we will post it in our official Facebook feed, Twitter feed, and right here on the main Rayden Valkyrie website!