The Crew

Director/Screenwriter/Producer: Stephen Zimmer

Producer: Holly Marie Phillipe
Producer: Eric Jude
Producer: Frank Hall

First Assistant Director: Jackie Gamber
Second Assistant Director: Joe Fryman

Unit Production Manager: Torri Busch

Cinematographer: Cory C. Warner

Costume Design: Timothy Shackleford
Costuming Assistant: Kylie Jude
Additional Costume Design: Barbara Drake

Makeup/FX: Angela Lawson
Makeup/FX Assistants: Patrick O’Brien,Shila Sublet,Andrea West, Gabby Leithscal

First Assistant Camera: Jonathan Klepfer
Steadicam Operator: Aaron Gantz
Second Assistant Camera: Rachel Wiseman
Camera Assistant: Steven Koehler
Camera Assistant: Grace Theis

Gaffer: Brandt Hackney

Sound Mixer: Clark Cranfill
Sound Mixer/Boom Operator: Drew Graber
Boom Operator: Eric Jude

BTS Photography: Jason Young
BTS Photography: Silvio Wolf Busch

Drone Operator: Jason Young

Props Master: Jonathan Peacock
Props Assistant: Sheridan Hall

Editor: Kylie Jude

Music Supervisor: Kylie Jude

Casting Assistant: Lea Hutton Beasmore

Location Scouting: Greg Huff, Robert Myles, Lea Hutton Beasmore, Silvo Wolf Busch

Production Assistants:
James Stokes
Grace Theis
Drew Graber
Jason Young
Ronnie Cleery
Casey Tackett
Kat Spencer
Lea Hutton Beasmore

Transportation: Greg Huff
ATV Drivers: James Stokes, Eric Jude
Catering: Cast and Crew Catering
Weapons Rentals: Preferred Arms
Additional Costume Rentals: Costume Gallery