Seventh Star Studios Announces Zoquera Milburn for Role of Gavrila in Rayden Valkyrie TV Pilot!

Seventh Star Studios is proud to announce Zoquera Milburn as the witch Gavrila in the TV Pilot Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart!

Zoquera will portray Gavrila, a powerful witch who lives deep within an ancient forest, along with her sister and fellow witch Liana. Gavrila is a fearsome adversary, often underestimated by those who seek her out.  Rayden Valkyrie and her companions face many great challenges on their journey; and the deadliest ones sometimes come in the guise of beauty.

The world Gavrila inhabits is featured in Stephen Zimmer’s sword and sorcery novel Heart of a Lion. The story in the TV pilot is not an adaptation of the novel, but rather an original storyline envisioned to be the foundation for a series of episodes filled with the adventures of Rayden’s war band.

“Zoquera is an outstanding actress,” Director/Screenwriter Stephen Zimmer said. “She demonstrated an immediate grasp of the Gavrila character, and I know audiences are going to love the kind of performance she will bring to this show.  We are extremely happy to have Zoquera in our cast!”

Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart is scheduled for production late spring on locations in Kentucky and represents the first visual media project for Seventh Star Studios, a division of Seventh Star Press, a publisher of speculative fiction based out of Lexington, Kentucky.

About Zoquera: Zoquera is a Chicago based actress who was born and bred in Texas. She moved out to Chicago in the fall of 2013, to pursue her passion of performance and to live in her favorite city in America. She received her BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Houston where she graduated in May of 2013. A piece of her heart will always be in Fort Worth, her home town, but when she visited Chicago for the first time in 2007 she fell in love and decided she wanted to live there when she grew up. So in August, with no friends or family in the entire state of Illinois, she moved there to start her new life! Every second of the adventure has been wonderful and she is so happy and blessed to be there!

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